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Colorful silicone cell phone holder


1.Hang it in your car while you drive.

2.The Flexible cellphone holder is a very good product, you can place anywhere to hold your cellphone.
3.A really handy little holder. Nicely shaped with a hook for a head and about the size of your hand, it has two arms with hands and two jutting legs with upturned feet.
4.It has only one purpose-to hold things perfectly. This Holder conveniently hangs on a piece of equipment while you use your cell phone to time yourself.
5.Silicone cell phone holder used the magnesium alloy composite rod, can easily adjust the angle, not easily rebound, don't need to much efforts can easily adjust the angle, are free to change any comfortable angle
Position bracket is fixed using slip silicone environmentally friendly and flexible, can protect mobile phone, let mobile phone will not be scratched